EA Responds To Command And Conquer 4 Criticism

The latest installment of Command and Conquer 4 strayed a bit from traditions and has received mixed reviews (67 Metacritic as of this writing). EA community manager "Apoc" took some time to address the criticisms.

"We didn't set out to create C&C 4 as a traditional C&C game and we were very upfront about that from the announcement, to the online connection, to the new Crawler and experience mechanics, up through the Beta," said Apoc. "That is the bold risk taken, and given the reviews and fan feedback, its quite obvious it wasn't a 100% successful endeavor."

"A lot of hard learning's will come from this, I think the outcome will net a positive result with our plans for the future. Down the short road, our new RTS VP, Jon Van Caneghem will shed more light on that."

Though C&C4 wasn't well-received, Apoc maintains that some experimentation was necessary. "We made 3 consecutive extremely traditional nostalgic C&C games since 2007 in C&C 3 / Kane's Wrath / Red Alert 3. We could not make the same exact game with C&C 4. But like I said in a more recent post, sometimes the pendulum swings too far."

One of the most criticized features of the game is the active Internet connection requirement. To play single-player, you need to stay online and will lose progress if you're disconnected. It's similar to the very stringent DRM that Ubisoft put on their PC games recently.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.