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CCP has announced that the 19th expansion pack for EVE Online is coming and it's called Odyssey. The new expansion is set for release on June 4th. The team has made a number of improvements to the game and the expansion brings a number of new tools and resources to the EVE Online experience.

CCP has up a page dedicated to the new expansion pack, in which they plan to unveil and roll out more details for the pack at an upcoming event. For now, the page states...
A re-imagined scanning system, intuitive navigation and new exploration modules will aid you as you search the heavens for your next conquest. Some will encounter sites never discovered before, and others will be confronted with intriguing tests of skill and resolve. Ample rewards await those that return from their journeys with ships intact.

EVE Online is a unique space MMO that puts the universe in the hands of players. Unlike other games where the world is strictly governed by pre-scripted scenarios and events, EVE Online's entire economy is dictated by player decisions, player owned corporations, player operated pirates and scavengers as well as player-moderated policing groups. It's a little like Deus Ex in space and everything is up to the players to decide how everything unfolds.

The game has a moderate player base and operates on a subscription-based model. The game has an extremely dedicated community and requires a lot of effort to get into and get established.

The Odyssey expansion pack follows close on the heels of the release of CCP's other game Dust 514 as well as their previous EVE expansion pack, Retribution.

You can check out the PSV app or visit the Official EVE Online Website to learn more.