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EVGA GeForce GTX 585 Harnesses Power Of Twin 560 Ti GPUs

Technically, the new EVGA Geforce card is composed of two GTX 560 Ti 2Win GPUs, but it’s so freaking powerful that it may as well be called a GTX 585. The new card boasts amazing GPU clock and memory speeds as well as full 3D surround capabilities on a single card.

If you can’t afford the GTX 590 and you want something pumping out more horsepower than a simple 560 Ti, you’re definitely going to need something along the lines of a Geforce GTX 585 which is actually 30% faster than the standard Geforce 580. That feeling you’re get in your stomach that’s making you all tingly? Well that was a bad burrito you had for lunch, but that other feeling you’re getting in your fingers that’s making you all tingly…that’s the raw power of the GTX 560 2Wins speaking to your gaming soul. It wants you to want it.

With 850mhz of base clock speeds (easily over-clockable to close to 1ghz) 768 CUDA cores, memory clock speeds that exceed 4ghz, and an unbelievable memory bandwidth rate of 256.6GB per second. Tack on a three year warranty, three DVI slots and an HDMI port and you have yourself one mean mamma-jamma of a GPU.

You can learn more about the new EVGA Geforce GTX 585 or the 560 Ti GPU 2Wins, by visiting the Official EVGA Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.