EVGA P67 SLI Motherboard For Intel 1155 Processors Has Arrived

High-end gaming enthusiasts’ best beg mom for a few extra bucks for allowance to start saving for the EVGA P67 motherboard. The new board features support for Intel 1155 socket processors, including the Intel i5 and the Intel i7 chipsets.

Steve R. Peterson, director of desktop chipset & strategic marketing at Intel Corporation commented in the press release about the new board, saying…

"We are pleased that EVGA continues to deliver innovative solutions supporting the performance enthusiast & gaming PC segments," … "With their new Intel P67 chipset based motherboards, featuring support for Intel's new 2nd Generation Intel Core microprocessors, including multi-GPU support, this platform will deliver great performance, flexibility and value to those overclockers, gamers & media enthusiasts that demand blazing speed & uncommon responsiveness from their desktop PC."

Ohh, AMD is going to need to do a little catch-up to match this board in combination with the GeForce GTX580. Anyway, you can check out a whole list of the board’s features, functions and conveniences over at the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.