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Today Sega revealed that a standalone expansion pack is in development for strategy game Total War: Shogun 2. Fall of Samurai will whisk players away to 19th century Japan this March.

Fall focuses on the conflict between the last Shogunate of Japan and the Imperial throne. The arrival of Western powers Britain, America and France have incited a showdown between modern and samurai cultures. Players control one of six clans and may side with the Imperial throne or the Shogunate.

The expansion will feature more modern technology, such as railway networks and ironclad warships. Players will be able to call in offshore artillery barrages, or attack ships with coastal guns. They'll also have three new agent types at their disposal: the Foreign Veteran, the Ishin Shishi and the Shinsengumi.

The multiplayer has been overhauled and will feature an all-new Conquest map. The new Fall of the Samurai Avatar includes 40 retainers, 30 armor pieces, and a 19th century skill tree. Players will be given the ability to have multiple Avatars so they can have more than one career in Fall and Shogun 2.