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Today members of the original Ecco the Dolphin team launched a Kickstarter drive for their project Big Blue. Big Blue is described as a "next generation, underwater, action/adventure game."

The first Ecco was released in 1992 on the Sega Genesis. Players took on the role of a bottlenose dolphin whose pod has been kidnapped. Ecco fought enemies by ramming them or using his sonar. He could also use his sonar to map the area. The game's unusual protagonist and its (at the time) striking depiction of the ocean made it a cult classic.

Big Blue gives players a vast ocean to explore. It's set millions of years in the future, giving the developers freedom to create new species. Examples shown on the game's Kickstarter page include the massive Leviathans and the parasitic Gyreforms.

Players will be able to control any creature in the game, and can control many of the same time. Puzzles and exploration are big components of the game. Players can breed creatures to help them in their quests.

Big Blue's being developed with the Unity engine, making it easy to bring the game to different platforms. The game will initially launch on Mac, Windows, and iOS and Android. Console versions are also possible as well.

Ed Annunziata and the rest of his team are hoping to raise $665,000 for Big Blue over the next month. The game is currently planned as a single-player title. If the team gets 50% more than their goal, though, they'll add cooperative multiplayer. If they manage to double their fund-raising goal, Big Blue will become an MMO.

To check out more details on the game, visit their Kickstarter page.