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Handyman Studios has announced today that early access has been enabled for the indie, sand-box space-survival game, Edge of Space. While it's already been made available on Desura and at a few other indie portal distribution outlets, the real measure of success is when you can get your game out and available on Steam.

Jacob Crane, Founder and one of the Lead Developers of HandyMan Studios commented about the early access program and moving Edge of Space from the crowd-funded phase and into the public's eye for consumer consumption, saying...
“It has been a long journey getting here, from Kickstarter to Greenlight, and now to Steam Early Access,”. “Without the dev team and the community support the game would not be where it is today. We are both excited and scared out of our minds, but we're ready to gain feedback so we can continue to grow and perfect the experience!”

Edge of Space is a kickbutt space-survival game, as mentioned at the top of the article. The game throws players into a galactic sci-fi universe where survival is key, gathering resources and building the necessary equipment to explore one of the most hostile environments known to gamers.

The resource gathering and crafting is very similar to the 2D emergent title, Terraria. The big difference is that Edge of Space doesn't give you an inch of room to breathe. Once your procedurally generated world gets finished optimizing, the first thing you need to do is dig your way into safety, mine some metal and craft a gun as soon as freaking possible, otherwise you will get curb-stomped by forces that want nothing more than to snuff any and every bipedal moving thing in their side-scrolling world.

The game sports a huge wealth of weapons, materials, structures, devices and conveniences that should allow for some very entertaining forms of gameplay once gamers hop into the game and start messing around with some of the game's unique possibilities.

Discovering new space nodes, building a huge, kick-butt space station and developing weapons of galactic destruction is just the start. Gamers will face off against space sharks, phaser bearing polar bears, algae of a dangerous kind and enough deep space thrills to make Master Chief and Cortana's little outer-rim adventure seem like a cake walk by comparison.

You can get in on the action right now by picking the game up for only $11.99 via Steam's early-access program. The game is still continually being updated and should see some huge success now that it's available on Steam. For more information or to pick up a copy be sure to pay a visit to the official Steam page.
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