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The upcoming open-world survival game, Edge of Space from Handyman Studios, has recently received its official box art and a handy helping of brand spanking new screenshots to showcase some additional gameplay elements and gameplay features.

The game is a survival, action-horror kind of experience with a dynamically engaging and ever-changing world that uses procedurally generated content to keep the adventure and the exploration fresh.

You can check out the official box art for the game below.

One of the real cool highlights of the game is the gun creation toolkit, which enables players to scavenge for gear and craft their very own weapons ranging from a number of different categories with varying weapon types in each category. Yes, gun fetishists from Borderlands will fit in real nice in Edge of Space.

I can't wait for this game to get released on Steam, but they're still trying to work their way up the ranks looking for votes on the Greenlight process. You can contribute to the game's chances of ending up on the Steam store by visiting the official Greenlight page and giving the game an upvote and favorite.

Alternatively, beta builds are available for those who are uninhibitedly eager and would rather purchase the game now and get a taste of what's to come, you can do so by visiting the official Desura page.