Handyman Studios and Reverb Publishing released a new trailer for Edge of Space, the galactic, terraforming, space-survival game that's basically like Terraria meets Commander Keen in HD.

Short and sweet is probably the best way to describe the trailer, giving gamers only a brief glimpse into what's in store for the game following on the heels of the free beta weekend.

I actually managed to get a bit of playtime in with Edge of Space (hoping to get in some more soon) and it's a very different beast than what you might have been expecting. It's definitely a lot harder than Terraria and throws players into a very interesting and dangerous environment. It's one of those games that's definitely best played with friends or a group as survival is key and it's hard surviving alone, even with the addition of Holopets.

It's worth noting that there's also a learning curve to the game, as you'll need to pay close attention to the material you gather and match it up with what's required in the crafting list in order to craft the items you need. The newbie sets of armor are about the easiest thing to craft and once you get the light bulb moment and figure it out, from there it's a matter of gathering aluminum or metal(s) and building a gun as fast as you possibly can.

As mentioned, Edge of Space is no walk in the park and gamers looking for a thorough, digital space challenge will find one in Handyman Studios' game.

You can get in on the beta right now by purchasing the game from Desura, or you can give the game an upvote and a favorite (or two) over on the Official Steam Greenlight Page.

If you're looking for a craft-heavy action-RPG with a real edge and multiplayer support, Edge of Space is a game definitely worth checking out.

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