Update: The beta is coming back on Friday.

Original article: MMORPG fans could get another chance to try out Elder Scrolls Online in a few days. ZeniMax Online Studios said today that they're about to announce details on the next beta event.

ZeniMax has been holding the beta on select weekends across the past year. The last beta event ran from February 7th to February 9th.

The next beta weekend will be different from previous tests in one important respect: there's no non-disclosure agreement in place. Publisher Bethesda lifted the NDA a week ago. Beta testers will be allowed to stream their gameplay, share videos or screenshots, and talk freely about ESO's features.

"If players would like to share screenshots or videos from the game, we recommend that they only share material taken from the most recent beta session as screenshots/videos from that session do not display a player's UserID or e-mail address," ZeniMax said on the ESO support site.

Elder Scrolls Online's PC and Mac launch is only six weeks away but ZeniMax confirmed that players will have multiple opportunities to try out the game before then.

"We haven't announced a schedule for when we will send out another wave of beta invites for The Elder Scrolls Online, but rest assured, we will conduct more beta events prior to launch."

Beta keys are sent out via email a few days prior to each weekend test. The development team also announces details through the game's website and their social media accounts. Be sure to check your spam folder as invites sometimes land there. Invites are given out to select players who signed up through ElderScrollsOnline.com. Pre-ordering or pre-purchasing the game won't guarantee access.

ZeniMax has been steadily increasing the size of the beta events as they approach launch. If you received access to an earlier beta, you'll get access to future events as well. Elder Scrolls Online won't get an open beta but every eligible player who registered for the test will eventually get an invite. These invites are supplemented by giveaways from select sites. For example, Curse gave out 500,000 keys for the last beta.

The Elder Scrolls Online beta is limited to PC and Mac users at the moment. Xbox One and PS4 gamers will get their own test in time but no dates have been announced for the console betas. In order to get into the XB1 or PS4 beta when they begin, you have to indicate your interest in those platforms on the sign-up form. If you registered before the console versions were mentioned on the application, ZeniMax says you should sign up again.

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