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For those of you who want to adventure through Bethesda's latest game without having to fork over a monthly subscription, your time has nearly come. Prepare for The Elder Scrolls Online's new “pay once” model, with a brand new trailer celebrating the impending relaunch.

Tags like “free-to-play,” “subscription,” and “pay-to-play” can be tricky for some folks to follow. Free-to-play means exactly that: you can dive into a large amount of content without paying. This tends to be the model chosen by many online shooters like Blacklight or Loadout, but it's also worked well in the MMO space for Lord of the Rings Online. While a lot of the game is ready to roll at no charge, however, there are often chunks of content, cosmetic items and the like, that can be purchased for real world money.

Subscription games, on the other hand, give you access to everything in the game as long as you're willing to pay a monthly due, usually around 10 bucks. But these days, this model doesn't really work for games that aren't World of Warcraft. Though, Final Fantasy XIV seems to be pulling it off.

Finally, there's pay-to-play, the model The Elder Scrolls Online will soon be adopting. The game launched as a subscription service on PC last year, and from the look of things, it hasn't exactly been a massive success. In order to open the game up to more players, Bethesda is now shifting TESO into a new model, similar to the one found in Defiance. Put simply, you pay your $60 to buy the game and you're ready to roll. I'm sure they'll plug in some for-pay items to keep that cash flow coming in but, as far as accessing all of the game's content, that initial investment will have you covered.

To celebrate this shift, Bethesda recently launched the above “Tamriel Unlimited” trailer, showing off all of the content players can look forward to once the game becomes buy-to-play on March 17. As a final reminder, TESO will also launch for consoles this year and, yep, that version of the game will support this new model too.

There's a lot to get excited about here, as the update isn't just limited to a new pricing model. It looks like the team is taking this opportunity to give the game a major overhaul, including loads of new content, completely new systems, new customization options, new animations, and more. As we revealed recently, there's also a new Justice System that lets you become an outlaw, which you can see a bit of in the new trailer.

So, old ESO players, is this enough to bring you back to the game? As for the newcomers, does this look like something you'd be willing to try now that the subscriptions have been done away with? Let us know in the comments.

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