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Are you a righteous hero or a sneaky criminal? The choice is yours in Elder Scrolls Online with the newly implemented Justice system, which has officially gone live for Bethesda’s epic MMO. There's also a new Champion system, for those of you with high level characters.

These days, a lot of game developers are doing their best to give players the ability to take control of their character’s destiny, making moral decisions in order to craft a toon that’s either noble, corrupt or teetering somewhere in the middle. It’s not the kind of system that typically pops up in a massive online game, so we’re excited to see what Bethesda has cooked up now that Update 6 has launched for Elder Scrolls Online introducing the Justice system, as well as Champion Points.

In online games like World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings online, you usually craft a character with an alignment in mind. Are you fighting for the Horde? Chances are you’re going to be taking part in more unsavory shenanigans. In the latest update to Elder Scrolls Online, though, players are being given the ability to create that sort of alignment on the fly, dictated by their in-game actions.

The latest update on the ESO blog dives into all of the details, highlighting the finer points of both the Justice system, as well as Champion Points.

“With Justice, crime has come to the once-friendly streets of Tamriel’s cities,” reads the statement. “You can now become a wanted criminal, sneaking, stealing, and even murdering your way through the world. But be careful—the guards can and will seek to punish you if your crimes are witnessed.”

I’m sure basically every one playing the game will break bad in these first few weeks, testing the limits of the system and figuring out what, exactly, they can get away with, but I assume that constantly being on the run from the law will help keep that sort of questionable behavior in check. We’re looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

As for the Champion system, the team describes it as a new way for Veteran players to gain power.

“Once you have a Veteran rank character on your account, you’ll start earning Champion Points, which you can invest in a variety of new passive abilities,” reads the update.

Already have a Veteran character? Then log in, update, and get ready to spend the Champion Points the game should have now rewarded you.

Update 6 also includes a bunch of smaller tweaks to systems like the UI, recipes, provisioning and keeping track of your mounts, pets and gear. Changes have also been made to combat, class abilities and the like.

Here’s hoping all of this is in place and ready to go once The Elder Scrolls Online finally launches for consoles, too.

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