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In the new screenshots from Elder Scrolls Online, adventurers leave the security of towns and go looking for trouble. The shots show them journeying through dungeons and fighting some nasty-looking critters.

Elder Scrolls Online is set hundreds of years before the single player Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim and Oblivion. The difference in visuals between the MMO and the single-player games can be partially attributed to this difference in time period. The bigger reason for the difference, though, is that ESO uses a new engine.

While ESO's world might not look like Skyrim, ZeniMax wants players to approach it in the same way. Exploration is said to be a key part of gameplay. One of the best parts of the single-player games was stumbling across new dungeons and quests throughout the game world, and hopefully ESO can translate that to a massive multiplayer game.

ESO will launch on the PC and Mac later this year. ZeniMax has been accepting beta sign-ups since January.

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