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The latest expansion to Elite: Dangerous is ready to roll, as patch 1.2, also known as “Wings” adds a metric ton of usual tweaks and fixes alongside a more friendly system for playing cooperatively.

If you’ve ever wanted to fly around space collecting resources and playing the intergalactic stock market, then Elite: Dangerous is the game for you. Trust me; it’s far, far more exciting than I just made it sound. The game is gorgeous to look at and controls like a dream on PC. The player is in control of all of the action, guiding their ship around the galaxy on a quest to make a buck before the ever-changing market charges forward without you. There are also missions to undertake, side goas and some combat, in case trucking across the stars wasn’t thrilling enough for you.

With today’s Wings update, you can now more easily call on your friends to play at your side, sending out a “beacon” that will allow them to more easily jump to your current location and tackle new cooperative objectives. Also making the patch roster is a “debug camera,” which will allow you to see your ship while playing the game. Considering how much work you likely did to raise the space bucks to purchase the thing, it’s only natural you’d want to look at it every now and again.

The Frontier teams has an exhaustive breakdown of the rest of the patch’s tweaks over on the Elite Dangerou forum, which you can peruse at your leisure if you’re into that sort of thing.

Elite Dangerous has been in the news quite a bit lately, as a console version of the game was announced during last week’s GDC convention. That’s huge news for folks who want to dive into the excitement of a space sim but don’t want to invest in a half-decent new computer. It was originally announced that Elite Dangerous would be a console exclusive for the Xbox One, but it was later revealed that the exclusivity would be one of those infamous timed situations. The developers later came out saying that Elite will launch on PS4 sometime after its trip to the Xbox One.

My prediction? Considering the fact that Elite Dangerous is one of the strongest arguments for VR headsets at this point, and also considering the fact that Sony has announced its Morpheus headset will be out sometime in early 2016, I wouldn’t be surprised if Elite Dangerous was being planned for launch alongside the new device next year.

Similar to when I typically buy a console, I need a good reason to invest in fancy new technology. Having Elite Dangerous ready for VR the day the Morpheus launches would make both items a day one purchase in my book.
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