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Oak Pacific Interactive announced today that new servers have been implemented to accommodate the growing demand from players. This isn’t just a slight demand either, it’s to help relieve server stress from the more than 650,000 players currently registered to play the free browser-based MMO, Empire Craft.

The new servers are setup to afford more than 30,000 new players and the servers are primed and ready, complete with a series of new events and promotional items being offered to players to indicate that the new servers are open.

According to the press release…
Players battle for dominance in the world of Empire Craft as they build up an army to defeat other players and work to expand their territory beyond a single plot of land. The three races of Humans, Dwarves and Orcs and cooperation with union members will offer players variable strategy.

English gamers need not worry about playing this Chinese-based browser-game, given that the English-based game portal, HiThere, is hosting Empire Craft for international players. You can learn more the new servers and events by visiting the Official Empire Craft Page on HiThere.Com.