Trion's upcoming End of Nations MMORTS is a break away from the tried-and-tired formula of medieval-fantasy MMOs. To help get gamers geeked, informed and excited about the upcoming MMO, Trion has started a new web-series called Warfront.

There isn't a whole lot to explain that the video below won't do in spades, so instead I'm going to talk a little bit about End of Nations instead. Basically, the game sees players going to war in a persistent online world where up to 50 players per battlefield can engage in epic, massively scaled RTS battles. Original modes such as 26 vs 26 team battles are available as well as clans, control points and territory battles. It's a real breath of fresh air from the standard-fare MMOs we've been receiving and the best part about it is that it's free-to-play.

What was up with the giant coffee mug? Anyway, End of Nations kind of reminds me of Tom Clancy's EndGame. I'd like to see how a game like this evolves over time and whether they will delve deeper into the possibilities available within the MMORTS genre.

You can learn more about the game or look for more of the weekly web-series to pop online by visiting the Official End of Nations Website. As stated in the video, beta sign-ups are currently underway.

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