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Endless Space sure is living up to its name. Late last week, the fine folks over at Amplitude Studios announced that the game will be getting a healthy dose of new content, once again expanding the universe with another free add on.

A turn-based strategy game set in the furthest reaches of space, Amplitude Studios' Endless Space hit the ground running in early 2012 and, since then, the developers have released preiodic content updates to keep bringing players back for more.

The game is what many consider to be a 4X strategy title, where there are multiple ways in which the game is played or different gameplay elements that bridge multiple genres together within the strategy space to help flesh out the gameplay experience. This includes dealing with different economic situations scattered across the galaxy that may or may not be affected by trade routes, cargo runs or supply vessels, as well as galactic diplomacy, where dealing with different alien species can make or break a player's relationship with a certain faction. Of course, the most popular of the 4X mechanics is the supremacy aspect, where players will attempt to conquer and control sectors of the galaxy by brute force and indomitable military might.

Players have their pick of about 10 civilizations to take control of in Endless Space, each with their own planets, history, strengths and weaknesses. Your job is to help guide this civilization to galactic dominance through means of economic growth, diplomatic means, or some good old fashioned all-out warfare.

With the first four content updates being free to play, the team at Amplitude have decided to keep that tradition going strong with this fifth update, offering “The Search for Auriga” free of charge, according to the official announcement, as part of the Endless Space: Disharmony expansion.

“Since its debut, Amplitude Studios has become known for creating free DLC for its community, bringing new storylines to the Endless Space universe,” reads the announcement. “The new Disharmony free add-on is titled The Search for Auriga, and will be releasing in November 2013 on Steam.”

This latest expansion will include new heroes, a “special wonder,” a new planet, as well as brand new features Rally Points, re-balanced AI and more.

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