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Endless Space, the 4x turn-based strategy game from Amplitude Studios, is set to venture even further into the great beyond with a fourth major installment for the space conquest game. And to celebrate this latest DLC, along with Endless Space reaching the 300,000 sales milestone, the original game is being discounted by 50 percent on steam for one week only.

For starters, you can go ahead and purchase Endless Space for $14.99 off of Steam right now, marked down from the original $29.99. That price will be good through next Monday, March 18, so don’t take too long in making your purchase decision.

And starting later today, Steam will update with the addition of a brand new free add-on, “Virtual Awakening, featuring “content designed or voted on by the community, such as mysterious heroes, gameplay elements gravitating around asteroids and gas giants, new escalating random events, AI improvements and several other additions,” according to a statement from Aplitude.

As you might have guessed from that last paragraph, Virtual Awakening is all about gas giants, which the game’s Automaton race hopes to transform into something livable. Pirates happen to be in the area, too, looking to make a quick buck on precious resources. While the two races make an unsteady truth, a sentient life form living within the gas giant has noticed its new visitors. Chances are pretty good that this is going to lead to some intergalactic troubles for players.

Along with AI improvements and several in-game tweaks, the Virtual Awakening add-on will also include four unique Heroes, extra technologies and buildings, Global Interactive Events to take part in, new Escalating Random Events and additional exploration rewards and planet anomalies.

Look for Virtual Awakening to rise and shine on Steam later today.