Endorphin’s Natural Motion For Next-Gen Games

Geesh, I’ve never seen non-motion-captured animations as good as the ones in the following trailer. Talk about intense. Endorphin 2.5 is a logical and kick-butt step in the right direction for animation and motion studio manipulation. Check out the trailer and be amazed...or bored...it’s your choice.

Endorphin 2.5's Natural Motion trailer isn’t so much a treat for gamers, as it is a showcase of what gamers can expect to see in future games. The animation blending and technological prowess of the Endorphin’s capabilities will surely make for some interesting gameplay features farther down the road. For further information regarding Endorphin 2.5 you can visit the Following Website for details, pricing, etc. Enjoy the trailer below.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.