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There have already been a nice plethora of new mods available for Bethesda's recently released mega-open-world RPG, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can download the new Nexus UI mod for Skyrim right now, enabling users to get better visual interface benefits from using the standard keyboard and mouse.

It's funny how PC ports these days usually have very little support for standard, old-school mouse and keyboard controls. Well. according to Blues Skyrim Nexus' mod gives you a nice little scroll screen with the item and stats all available in a conveniently made GUI.

Before clamoring over to the website and popping a copy of the UI mod onto your hard disk, take note that there are a few requirements in order to get the mod to run, including the Skyrim Script Extender, as well as Nexus Mod Manager to help you keep track of and install new mods for Skyrim. You can loot both tools directly from the Nexus Skyrim website.

He also notes on the site that the mod should blend seamlessly with the game and gamers shouldn't worry about the play experiences feeling as if their UI was hijacked by a Joe-Nobody mod. Instead, it will be as if Bethesda programmed the game with PC gamers in mind from the get-go.

You can grab the Nexus Skyrim UI mod from the Official Website.