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Epic Games China Unleashing Mercenary Ops This Summer

The Unreal Engine 3 is being used to power yet another third-person, cover-based shooter, this time around it's called Mercenary Ops and it will be a free-to-play, multiplayer-based, co-op affair, planned for release this summer.

According to Co-Optimus, the game will make the most out of the latest iteration of the Unreal Engine 3, including advanced physics properties for wood, metal and even flesh. The game will also sport something many Max Payne fans love with a passion: bullet physics. Every bullet will have a destination and every bullet impact will create the appropriate reaction. Sounds like my kind of game.

The preview article also details that the game will sport advanced weather and environmental effects that can actually alter the gameplay experience. Given that Mercenary Ops takes place in a Dystopian, post-apocalyptic world, there will be devastating blizzards, snowstorms and other vision and character affecting weather elements that can help or hinder the way you play. That at least sounds interesting and like a bit of a change from the typical run-and-gun third-person shooter.

One of the more interesting aspects of the game is the co-op. Co-Optimus speculates that the game may have up to 16 players to work together cooperatively in the PvE missions, but the details haven't been especially clarified. It's not an unlikely feature given that Battleswarm: Field of Honor allowed for up to eight players to fight alongside each other cooperatively.

You can learn more about Mercenary Ops by visiting the Epic Games China Website, and take note that they're not really Epic Games but they are still Epic Games China.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.