Civilization strategy game fans looking to do a little money changing and financial finagling have a lot to look forward to as Europa Universalis IV gears up to receive its second major update in the Wealth of Nations expansion.

In Europa Univeraslis, players choose from a wide variety of historical cultures and guide them into the future. A civilization simulator and grand strategy game, EUIV lets the player call all of the shots concerning diplomacy and warfare, building their civilizations wealth and resources, then deciding how they want to expand into the world or, if you’re feeling less conquer-y, how you choose to live and let live. The game is all about resource management, making tough choices and becoming the greatest super power the world has ever known.

Coming from the team at Paradox Development, Europa Universalis IV is already set to receive a New World expansion that will introduce a brand new continent and the Native American race to the mix, complete with their own systems and play styles. The Wealth of Nations expansion, on the other hand, will focus on one of the game’s most basic (and most important) overarching systems, commerce.

“Wealth of Nations will bring several new features to the game, focusing on trade, including the ability to secretly provoke trade conflicts, hire pirates to steal goods from your competitors, establish the East India Company and create a bustling trade capital for your nation,” reads a statement from Paradox Interactive. “With several new possible ways to direct the wealth of the world into an empire’s coffers, Wealth of Nations will serve the needs of every gamer’s inner plutocrat.”

For those who lack the desire to use Google or break out a dictionary, a “plutocrat” is someone who gains power through wealth like, say, Scrooge McDuck. Basically, he who has the money has the power and, with the Wealth of Nations expansion, Europa Universalis IV gives you several new and interesting ways to gain control of said money. If you’re tired of marching your army into foreign lands or making deals with questionable politicians, this new content should give you a host of options for expanding your influence simply by controlling the market.

Paradox has slated the Wealth of Nations DLC for a Q2 2014 release, so rulers looking to change up their game should expect to take control of the market sometime this summer.

Here’s a content breakdown direct from Paradox:
-The Invisible Hand of the Market: You can act covertly to instigate trade conflics among the competition, stifling income and leaving yourself atop the economic heap.
-Seize the Seas: Hiring privateers can damage enemy shipments and cripple their trade, but risks retaliation in the form of open warfare if you are caught.
-Capitalize: Empires can designate a specific port as their trade capital, separate from their national capital, and strengthen local trade routes through the use of inland trade nodes.
-Monoplize and Mobilize: Form an East India Company and reach faraway trade partners with an unstoppable shipping concern.

For more details, visit the game’s official website.

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