Sony Online Entertainment has yet to give up on Everquest and they’re hoping most of you out there haven’t either. The upcoming, seventeenth expansion pack for Everquest, House of Thule is now taking pre-orders and some incentive screenshots were released to get gamers all amped up for the expansion.

As stated in the press release…
House of Thule is a content-rich expansion, packed with game-changing features including a level cap increase and the addition of player housing, which new players, veterans and MMO fans will relish. Additionally, House of Thule new content includes 18 raids, 13 zones, 17 missions and more than 120 quests!

A collector’s edition is also available for the game featuring a Wailing Mercenary contract, extra 20 slot item bag, and a House of Thule painting, exclusive for your avatar’s in-game house.

In addition to this, the pre-order will knock off $20.00 from the original retail price of $89.99. Yikes, those prices kind of make you appreciate the heavy reliance on cash-shop items in most other free-to-play titles, ala Allods Online.

Work fast, though, eager gamers have up until October 11th before the offer expires and then it’s just that $89.99 beast that will be left to purchase. Everquest: House of Thule is set for release on PC beginning October 12th. For more info feel free to visit the Official Website.

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