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Shiro Games' independent project called Evoland has finally launched for PC. The game is such a wonderful little throwback to the classic era of adventure RPGs while also celebrating the evolution from the sprite-based era to the 3D era, all in one grand fantastic game, hence the name Evoland.

The game travels from the old 8-bit era with black and white gameplay and moves on through time to the 16-bit, 256 color era; the game keeps moving on and moving up as the hero engages in turn-based battles, travels across world maps and eventually gains the ability to explore and adventure in 3D. As mentioned, it's a fantastic concept that has a little bit of everything for both old school and new school gamers.

Evoland was one of the many games that happened to be greenlit by gamers, becoming a reality thanks to the gaming community. Evoland joins other greenlit games such as No Time to Explain or the precision based Surgeon Simulator.

I like what Shiro Games is gunning for with Evoland and it's going to be interesting to see how the community responds to the title and whether or not it can be deemed a success. For more information feel free to check out the Official Steam Page. Evoland is currently available at a 10% discount for only $8.99.