Explore The Solar System With Unreal Engine App

Stargazers will soon have a new way to examine outer space. An unemployed game developer is currently designing The Solar System, an app powered by the Unreal Engine that lets you explore our solar system.

"I needed to update my portfolio, so i began to create planet Earth in a video game engine as a simple test for a shader idea," said designer Christopher Albeluhn of the app. "It started out small, but quickly grew into a fully functioning solar system. I decided early on; If it were ever completed, that i would share it with the public. Every night i began making it bigger, better, and more of what I wanted to see in a space program."

"Before i knew it, i had all 8 planets (I am SO sorry Pluto), the sun and the Asteroid belt. They all had correct rotations, orbits, locations and speeds; their moons, information regarding the planets and their facts. All of these were fine, but i wanted something more, so i added in the constellations, all 88 of them."

The video below shows six minutes of raw footage from the app. What's striking is how fluid it is. You're not sitting there waiting for a planet to load or whatever. You're able to just zip around the solar system with ease.

Albeluhn set up an Indiegogo listing for the app to get development funds. He intends to release it on the PC as well as iOS devices. The drive has already passes the $8,000 goal for completion of the project. However, with additional money he will be able to donate copies of the app (along with hardware) to schools and other local educational institutions.