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Subset Games has shed additional light on FTL: Faster Than Light's new content. The deep-space strategy game's Advanced Edition will add a brand new alien race known as the Lanius.

"The Lanius are scavengers – metallic lifeforms that rely on the absorption of minerals to sustain themselves," Subset explains on their blog. "Their society ebbs and flows in hibernation cycles; they may lie dormant for many years, even while hurtling through space. As soon as they become aware of significant metal deposits they reawaken. Usually this occurs in the dying stages of a galactic civilization or in the wake of intergalactic war."

Lanius don't require life support so you can't suffocate them. What's more, they'll drain the oxygen out of whatever ship room they enter. If they board your ship, you're going to be in for quite a fight.

Players will be able to add a Lanius ship to their hangar by playing through the Advanced Edition. The ship comes complete with achievements and an alternate layout. The new content also includes additional layouts for each of the original 8 ships in FTL. That should be enough unlockables to encourage you to play through the game a couple more times.

Ship customization options will be expanded as well. The Backup Battery will give your ship some temporary power in a pinch. Three new drone types can be deployed in combat. The Shield Drone will protect your ship from harm, the Anti-Combat Drone will attack enemy drones, and the Ion Intruder will strike at enemy ship's systems while also stunning crew members.

Subset is planning other smaller changes to gameplay. For example, doors and sensor controls can be manned by crew members to boost their effectiveness. Not sure how you make a door more effective. Maybe its sound effects are more pleasing. "Man, our doors sound like katanas being sheathed now. Good thing we've got Johnson on the controls."

FTL: Advanced Edition adds a new sector to the game's galaxy, along with fresh random events to test your skills as a ship captain. The new content was a collaboration between FTL's main writer Tom Jubert and Obsidian Entertainment's Chris Avellone. Avellone is perhaps best known for writing Planescape: Torment, along with several other RPG's. Other gameplay improvements for the Advanced Edition include mind control systems for ships and mid-combat saves.

The Advanced Edition will be released on iPad in early 2014. The original PC, Mac, and Linxux versions will get the new content for free. You can disable the Advanced Edition extras to experience the "vanilla" version of the game if you wish, though.

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