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It was once known as Slender: Source, but then to avoid all the potential legal issues involved, the creator decided to change the name. The game is now called Faceless and is still a multi-character, mutliplayer, story-based survival horror game based on the Slenderman mythos. A new teaser trailer was released as a precursor for the main trailer due out next month.

The teaser trailer is actually a teaser for an upcoming trailer due out on October 9th. So yes, it's another one of those announcements for an announcement. On the upside, if you're really good with cryptography and deciphering, you could figure out the clues in the teaser below to gain access to the full trailer.

Faceless, the former Slender: Source project is an indie game made with the intent of upping the thrills and horror factors in multiplayer games. Players will focus on trying to find the necessary items and compete for survival using whatever means they can. The game will take place in a somewhat open-world environment, allowing for a lot of exploration and interaction.

The game is continuing to pick up quite a bit of Steam and it looks remarkably striking to be an indie title. What's more is that gamers can help get the game to a wider audience by voting for Faceless on Valve's new community service, the Steam Greenlight. You can up-vote the game if you think it deserves some face-time with the Steam store or you can simply learn more and read up on the features on the Official Page.

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