GamersFirst has announced that they are continuing to expand the Fallen Earth game world with some interesting and varied content. The latest update is more like a countermeasure to some of the G.O.R.E. Weapons they recently introduced and that countermeasure is called the Stage 3 Coresuit, resembling a little bit of the Nanosuit from Crysis.

The biggest difference between the Stage 3 Coresuit and the Nanosuit is that the former is bulkier, heavier and thicker. It carries a framing similar to the exoskeleton suits from S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but has a lot of the same kind of coiled tubing and padding aesthetics of the Nanosuit. It's a nifty looking set of armor, actually.

Asa Reed, producer of Fallen Earth, Reloaded Productions commented about the new suit, saying...
“The G.O.R.E weapons we introduced last year have proven to be popular and sought after, so we decided to offer up something that could help level the playing field against these incredibly powerful weapons,”...“Like the G.O.R.E weapons, the Stage 3 Coresuits are entirely created by players, using parts and resources found in the wasteland, along with one key ingredient exclusively through farming.”

“Our goal is to challenge and reward our long-term players with new, powerful end-game armor, while also introducing our first-ever proc-based armor”

Fallen Earth is a wild beast of an MMO. It centers a lot around a player driven economy with player-crafted materials. You won't be able to find guns in the game unless someone made them, and you won't be able to find bullets unless someone crafted them. This prompts for a lot of barter and trading as well as craft proficiencies that gives the game a very different feel from most other titles out there.

You can hop right into Fallen Earth right now as the game is free-to-play through the GamersFirst portal or available via Steam. To learn more feel free to visit the Official Website, or check out the screenshots below of the Stage 3 Coresuit in action.

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