How far would you go in your favorite game if you had to play it as an infant?

This one determined gamer decided to play through the entirety of Fallout 3 as a baby. You read that right: a baby. Thanks, Kotaku

There are no models for babies in Fallout 3, though, so the results of this hilarious playthrough resulted in other weird glitches, where enemies weren't able to land successful hits and the player himself found certain things out of reach. That's the plight of being a baby, after all. 

YouTuber Bryan Pierre is responsible for the playthrough, where he exploits a glitch that you can use in Fallout 3 when choosing your SPECIAL stats. You can run to the door when your father comes in during this scene, and that effectively leaves you a child for the rest of the game. You can only crawl, you can't swim, and you can't interact with several monsters. The hilarious part is that no one really notices in-game that you're extremely small. 

Completing games with enforced handicaps like this is a very popular thing to do, especially across YouTube and Twitch, where streamers, Let's Players, and YouTube personalities are thrilled to take on gaming challenges with severe limitations to make things fun and interesting. 

One popular challenge is the Pokemon Nuzlocke run, where any Pokemon that faints is considered "dead" for the rest of the game. Players must only catch the very first Pokemon encountered in an area, and there are no second chances. All of the Pokemon must be named, and a "black out" in-game when you run out of monsters is considered game over, for good. 

People also enjoy making completionists runs with little or no health, limited use of support items and other extras, or with a certain type of character. For those who often complain that "modern" games have lost their edge and difficulty, these options offer an alternative to simply playing through titles that feel too "easy." 

Although personally I'm hesitant to call this a "baby" playthrough of Fallout 3, considering your character model is still an adult, just smaller. Calling your character a baby in this mode seems a little disingenuous, but that's technically what you are, I suppose. Still, this is a super impressive effort, and I'm sure it was extremely maddening. Give it a watch!
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