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Mass Effect Andromeda is the next installment in the Mass Effect franchise, but don't expect it to involve any familiar faces from previous games.

VG247 reports that, according to senior development director at BioWare, seeing returning characters wouldn't make sense as far as the story goes.

Given that Mass Effect Andromeda is set in the Andromeda galaxy and the other games were in the Milky Way, we won't be seeing anyone we really wanted. So that means no Tali, no Garrus, no one. But what about minor, less important characters? No word on that just yet, but it could happen. You never know.

Wynn also confirmed that the combat in Mass Effect Andromeda will be similar to what was in Mass Effect 3, with other elements that will be different, yet still familiar. There's not a lot of other details floating around about Andromeda, though. It could likely be a much bigger departure than we all could have predicted, and I'd be fine with that. Shepard had a fantastic legacy, but I'd like to explore other characters in the same universe. Other planets. Different scourges. I think it's time.

Mass Effect Andromeda has the potential to really elevate the series beyond the cut-and-dry relatonship pathways and offer real choices to players that echo throughout the subsequent titles, and as a huge Mass Effect fan already, I'm hoping for bigger and better things beyond the threat of Reapers, sentient ships, or the Big Bads we continually see. This is BioWare's chance to take things and go crazy with them, especially with the power of the current consoles. Having to develop for older tech obviously is limiting, so I'd love to see what the series has in store for it since we've come such a long way since Mass Effect 3 ended.

All we can say so far about Mass Effect Andromeda is that the series will probably have some crafting segments in it, and you're playing with a brand new hero who still apparently is wearing the same kind of familiar N7 armor we all love to cosplay as. Hopefully in the coming months we'll have more to go on, because I'm having a hard time waiting for more to surface and I'm needing more, STAT!

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