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Alaplaya’s free-to-play sports MMO, Fantasy Tennis, received some interesting updates in the latest patch, including a single-player campaign and FIFA gear?

As stated in the newsletter…
Looking forward to this year's FIFA Soccer World Championship in South Africa? Boy, we sure are! To get you in the right mood every character can choose between 5 different country face paintings that can be bought for Gold in the Fantasy Tennis item shop. Even better, the face paintings grant you 1 STA and 1 (2) DEX! Also the tennis ball changed into a soccer ball in selected modes and courts.

Yeah, so you can amp up your tennis game by wearing soccer facepaint for the win. Nice. That’s not all, though…the patch also contains a whole new western attire set, presumably to coincide with the release of Red Dead Redemption?

Regardless, if you want to take your western attire for a spin in a new single-player campaign, that’s now possible with the new adventure of pirates episode. Players will battle their way through a ship looking for prizes and treasure.

You can get the full scoop on the new update by visiting the Official Fantasy Tennis Website.

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