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One of the best features of Far Cry 2 is the free map editor included with all versions. If you're not in the mood to sort through a bunch of half-assed user-created maps to find the gems, though, you might want to check out this new map pack featuring the best of the best.

FilePlanet has compiled 38 of the top user maps and are now offering them in one big file through their website. The maps draw from a variety of inspirations, including Disney's Magic Kingdom, Manhattan, and the Hoover Dam. It's amazing how much mileage some amateur map builders have managed to get out of the map editor.

It's unfortunate that those of us owning the console version of the game are missing out on this compilation. Ubisoft releasing user-created maps through Xbox Live or PSN and making money off other's creations would be thorny from a legal perspective. BioWare may attempt something similar with user-created content from Dragon Age: Origins, though.