Far Cry 3 Remade In GTA IV, New Trailer Released

Haven't played Far Cry 3 yet? Well, a new mod for Grand Theft Auto IV has found its way into a new trailer machinima that showcases the evolutionary power of the RAGE Engine. As the video shows, the main character from Far Cry 3 goes on a hunting spree just up until he meets up with everyone's crazy guerrilla-tactics artist, Vaas.

As usual, there are some obvious hints at the RAGE Engine being in use here; the slightly hunched over and arched-back of the character as he walks, the Euphoria Engine going full force with the physics and reactions of the characters as they get shot and of course, the vehicle physics – GTA IV is still sporting some of the best vehicular motions in gaming to date.

This Far Cry 3 mod is just one of many, many, many total conversions out there made either for machinima purposes or for gameplay purposes. Other mods includes an Iron Man conversion, complete with repulsor proton cannons, an Assassin's Creed total conversion and even a redo of classics like Mafia and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

If you'd like to experience the total possibilities of Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine, you'll probably want to grab GTA IV or GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City for PC and then scour the web for the kind of gameplay total conversions that suit your tastes; heck you just might get a kick out a living the life as a police officer and teaming up with your best friend in some online co-op with the LCPD Patrol Mod.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.