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Legacy Games is making the jump to the mobile platform, kicking things off with two of its most popular titles. Fever Frenzy is now available for the iPad while Legends of Atlantis: Exodus can be played on iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

Both Fever Frenzy and Legends of Atlantis have received hundreds of thousands of downloads on the PC, making them ideal titles to port for gamers on the go. Both games have been enhanced for mobile play and, while free-to-play, offer additional content, boosts, etc. through in-app purchases.

While Fever Frenzy remains very similar to its original PC version, producer Jamar Graham said that Legends of Atlantis has received a bigger facelift to make it ready for the mobile audience.

“The changes we made for the mobile version of Legends of Atlantis make the game more accessible to everyone,” Graham said. “First-time players are going to be excited by our new rewards and features while veteran players will appreciate our more challenging levels. Plus, as a free download, everyone can easily jump in to enjoy the fun.”

In Fever Frenzy, the player takes on the role of a nurse who must determine a patient’s illness, order their treatment, and administer it before they get too sick. Patients start to stream in more quickly, providing a balancing act between caring for the most sick patients first and making sure everyone receives the proper treatment.

In Legends of Atlantis, the player takes part in a world-building sim that has them gathering materials, building roads and structures, taking on various objectives and even taking a break from expanding their empire with hidden object and match-three mini-games.

Look for both games on the Legacy Games website, with Farming Frenzy also available for iPad through iTunes, and Legends of Atlantis also on iTunes, the Amazon App store and Google Play.