The Fieldrunners 2 soldiers have been on the march for quite some time now and are finally scheduled to set up camp on Android devices. The hit tower defense game will be available in the Google Play Store starting next Wednesday, April 24th.

Released nearly a year ago on iDevices, Subatomic Studios recently announced that Android gamers will finally be able to get their hands on their latest tower defense game in a little under a week.

“Thanks to an all new game engine designed specifically for Fieldrunners 2, Subatomic Studios has been able to make a hyper polished port that feels completely at home on Android devices,” reads a statement from the developer.

According to Subatomic CEO Jamie Gotch, the studio used what they learned from the Android release of the original Fieldrunners to make this sequel even better.

“By applying the knowledge we gained from that experience, we've been able to make Fieldrunners 2 rock solid on Android,” Gotch said. “Add to that the recent closed beta test we did, and fans are in for one of the best tower defense experiences they've ever seen on Android.”

Like in the original game, your job is to construct towers and deploy special abilities to stop the pesky fieldrunners from getting through your defenses. Subatomic is promising “tons of levels in a 20-plus hour campaign,” so there should be plenty of bang for your buck if tower defense is your cup-o-tea.

So, yeah, not much longer to wait now. Get ready to invade Fieldrunners 2 on Google Play April 24.

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