Four indie teams headed up and mentored by industry veterans will participate in a new Make Something Unreal Contest, where the teams will use Epic Games' Unreal Development Kit to design and create games based around the Fighting Fantasy IP role-playing game books.

Epic and Train2Game acquired the license to produce Fighting Fantasy games exclusively for mobile devices. The four teams participating in the Make Something Unreal will have up until April 10th to churn out something unreal, where their projects will be unveiled at the Birmingham NEC in Birmingham, UK, live at the Gadget Show 2012 event.

Ian Livingstone, “Fighting Fantasy” co-creator commented in the press release, saying...
“Steve Jackson and I are delighted to see our ‘Fighting Fantasy’ gamebooks being developed as iOS games by new teams of talented and enthusiastic students. It will be really interesting to see how our IP will be captured and interpreted for the iOS platform,” ... “This competition is a great way to showcase the creative talent of a new generation. The evolving games industry is constantly on the lookout for design innovation and new ways of playing. I am really looking forward to playing one of my books as a game.

It's important to keep a close eye on these projects as the winning team could be the next big development studio. Toxic Games were once participants in the Make Something Unreal Contest with their now popular, fast-selling first-person puzzle title, Q.U.B.E..

The winning team will not only get their game showcased on the iOS for everyone to play but they will also gain full commercial access to the Unreal Engine 3.

You can learn more about Fighting Fantasy and UDK contest by paying a visit to the Official Epic Games Website.

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