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Fifteen years after its release, Final Fantasy 7 still commands a very dedicated following. A group of particularly devoted fans are hoping to turn the game into a live-action movie.

The two-minute teaser shows the first meeting between Aeris and Cloud. It seems very faithful to the visual style of the 1997 RPG. Barrett's arm looks a little cartoonish but I'm guessing the film-makers didn't have a very large budget.

Co-director Gionata Medeot told Kotaku that they've sent this video off to producers. They're hoping they can raise enough money to make an entire FF7 film. I'd assume that Square Enix's lawyers would butt-sex them before that happened but Medeot doesn't seem worried.

"My lady Tifa knows [Final Fantasy creator] Hironobu Sakaguchi and when we finish the teaser we’ll send it to him and we hope to be blessed; if not we’ll put it on YouTube equally and fingers crossed," Medeot said to Kotaku.

I'm still predicting lawyer butt-sex but I hope I'm wrong. If these fans are willing to pour so much time and energy into bringing this game into the "real world," then best of luck to them.

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