Today Square Enix released Final Fantasy: All The Bravest for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. All the Bravest is an action RPG that pays tribute to the whole FF series.

The focus of Bravest is on combat. The game utilizes the Active Time Battle System seen in many other Final Fantasy games. Each character has an ATB gauge that fills over time. When it's completely full, you can tap the character to make them attack. Every three hours, players can activate a Fever and attack without waiting.

Each battle earns you experience points. By leveling up, you'll earn character slots to expand your party. One of the screenshots below shows the player commanding eight characters in battle. Characters can take on 20 different jobs, each with their own abilities.

The game sounds heavy on nostalgia. You'll be fighting against many foes from previous games, including cactuars and behemoths. The boss characters at the end of each stage will be familiar to long-time fans as well. All the while, you'll be listening to a soundtrack with 30+ songs from the series.

The game itself can be purchased through the App Store for $4.19. You can also buy new content through an in-game shop, including characters from previous FF titles and new worlds.

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