Today, as part of a new year’s surprise, Square Enix posted on their official blog that they would be releasing Final Fantasy XV this year in 2016. GameSpot had posted a video in August exclaiming that Square Enix had given an official date for release, but it was only a window of sometime before 2017. We probably won’t have an official release date for another few months. You can view the trailer below.

Many are excited to finally have a more precise window for release. With so many diehard Final Fantasy fans, it’s rare to see anyone upset by this New Year’s news.

In 2013, Final Fantasy XV announced it was being developed for Xbox One and PS4 when it was originally announced at the 2006 E3 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII with Final Fantasy XIII, so it’s fair to say Final Fantasy XV is a rebranding.  According to an interview between Game Informer and the game’s creator, Hajime Tabata, when asked about the importance of the car in the game, Tabata said, 
The game was built upon the idea of a road movie to some degree, converting that concept to a game and being able to experience it. The concept follows around taking a journey. The player really feels the world, experiences the world, along with your companions that you’re traveling with. The biggest point is that the players themselves will feel the connection to the characters and the journey, like they’re experiencing it firsthand. So, the car mechanics follow this in the game itself, but we’re really aiming to make the character feel like they are part of this larger journey – the car mechanics support that feeling as a secondary element.

It’s obvious to see from former Final Fantasy games that creators have always taken their time with them. From the intricate details enhanced by the crystal-clear graphics and emotional storylines to the in-depth character development, a Final Fantasy game is never just a game. According to Gematsu, Tabata mentioned in an interview with Dengeki Online in 2014  that the game was not going to be short exclaiming, 
I’m assuming that the actual game will take about 40 hours to clear.

You have to remember, that interview was back in late 2014. Surely the game has more than surpassed that amount of time with additional content.  Amazon Japan announced a June 1 release date, but that hasn’t been confirmed and is only a rumor. The actual release date has not been announced yet and won’t be announced until at least March.  
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