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Red 5 Singapore Studios and its parent company The9 have announced today that they have signed an exclusive licensing deal with Garena Online, a software distributor for Southeast Asian territories and Taiwan, for a whopping $23 million.

Mr. Zhu Jun, CEO of Red 5 Singapore, and CEO and Chairman of The9 commented in the press release, saying…
“This agreement is not merely a good start, we view it as an exciting leap forward. Together with Garena, we will deliver Firefall into the hands of eager Asian gamers. When we entered Singapore, we made a commitment to deliver an incredible gaming experience to customers across Asia, and this partnership brings us closer to fulfilling that promise. This license marks a great milestone for The9, Red 5 Singapore and Garena. Now we will turn our attention to China, Korea and Japan.”

If the $23 million sounds like a lot, it is. However, it’s not an indefinite license for those territories, Garena will only have the rights to publish FireFall in Southeast Asia and Taiwan for six years. Within that time, a percentage of the profits and royalties will also be paid out to Red 5 as well.

FireFall is a free-to-play first or third-person shooter that enables gamers to freely venture across exotic locations, fight against other players, protect or attack towns as well as embark on quests and missions to earn additional loot and questing items.

You can learn more about FireFall or sign up for the beta by visiting the Official Website.