Brand new concept art and screenshots have been made available to the public courtesy of Harebrained Schemes. The team let loose the new assets following PAX Prime, giving gamers a first-hand glimpse at what they can expect from Shadowrun Returns, the tactical role-playing game that was successfully Kickstarted not too long ago.

As stated on the official blog post...
When we started our Kickstarter campaign, we had a much more modest game in mind. But as the funding grew by a factor of five, our aspirations (and our Backers’ expectations) grew by an even larger multiple. We’re working very hard to meet (and maybe even exceed) those higher expectations.

One of the game’s largest growth factors was the change from a top-down to an isometric point of view, which is much more dynamic but also much more expensive to create. We explored several different methods to bring the rich details of the Shadowrun world to life in an isometric POV and settled on a hybrid approach that merges 2D environments and 3D characters.

The concept art and screenshots of the characters are quite close to one another in terms of artistic relevance. There was a minor complaint from some of the commenters at the bottom of the page who felt like the orc and trolls should have had longer legs like they did in the concept art as opposed to the cartoony, stumply bodies portrayed in the 3D game art. I don't think that's a serious issue much but otherwise the art shots look pretty good and Harebrained has done a superb job of bringing the dark and gritty cyber-punk atmosphere to life.

The game will have just enough of a zoomed out isometric perspective to give gamers a nice look at the character, environment and settings, while at the same time still staying close enough to get a view of the action, similar to inXile's Wasteland 2.

You can check out the new concept art for Shadowrun Returns below or visit the Official Website to keep up to date on the progress of the game's design.

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