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First Guitar Hero III Song Packs Now Available

When I first heard that Guitar Hero III was going to continue the horrible song pack system for downloadable content, well I was disappointed. I think, even though they did well in sales, the general consensus was that gamers wanted individual song downloads. So, I resigned myself to never picking up additional content for the game, even if there was one great track in a pack. Now I get word of the contents in the first DLC song packs for GHIII, and damn if I’m not a little hyped.

The first song packs are now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and arrive later on the Playstation Network. They include master recordings (hell yeah they do!) from Velvet Revolver and Foo Fighters. They do follow the model of previous packs, with one song being the killer title you want to play, while the other 2 are interesting novelty items (if you’re a fan of the bands).

The Velvet Revolver pack includes “Messages,” “She Builds Quick Machines,” and the completely awesome “Slither.” “Slither” is just a high octane fun song to play. With the building main riff this one will be a kick ass addition to your Guitar Hero collection. On the Foo Fighters side you’ll get “The Pretender,” “This Is a Call,” and “All My Life.” That last one should be a blast to play, especially with the great opening building into a raunchy guitar riff.

Also on the menu for November are the Boss Battle anthems. Activision announced that original Slash and Tom Morello tracks will be made available as a free download so you can play them outside of Career Mode. See? Not all DLC is out to molest your wallet.

Both song packs are available for you right now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace; they’ll be available sometime later in November on the PS3.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.