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Want to see what the very brief design concept of the Slender Man will look like in the upcoming game, Slender: Source? Well, brand new footage has found its way online and gamers get a first-hand look at what the Slender Man will look like in the re-imagining of Parsec Productions now infamous horror survival title.

Kotaku managed to find the footage of the game thanks to keeping up to date with the game's progress on its Steam Greenlight Page. Surprisingly enough Kotaku gives readers a good narrative of what to expect from the eight seconds of test footage, reminding and warning gamers that this is design footage to test visual concepts and that the game still isn't quite finished. Very nice of you Mr. Kotaku.

The game could potentially take the interwebs by storm once again, assuming the team can get the game out in a timely manner. The original Slender from Parsec Productions managed to mysterious appear out of the thin air one day and garnered quite a bit of attention thanks to social media and YouTube, making it into a sort of meta-myth all its own. Don't be surprised when Activision or EA churn out their own renditions save for microtransaction stores that allow you to buy wards to keep the Slender Man at bay or “social buffs” where inviting more friends to play the game extends the amount of time you can encounter Slender Man without being murderized.

Anyway, Slender: Source is still heavy in development and as the name suggests it's being developed via Valve's renown Source Engine. The graphics look sleek and the multiplayer concept could prove to be a real treat when playing with friends as you find yourself getting picked off one by one, classic horror movie style.

As mentioned above, Slender: Source is still trying to get green-lit on Steam, and you can do your part by simply voting for the game using a thumbs up and thumbs down feature on the Official Greenlight Page.

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