Paradox Interactive and FatShark Studios released the first ever gameplay trailer for War of the Roses and it's a lot unlike anything I was expecting. The trailer is full-up with blood, violence and some hard-hitting medieval melee combat.

It's not all just swords, poleaxes and spears, though. A good amount of the kills shown in the following trailer are also from long-range bowman and crossbow users. The game looks really hardcore and the fighting is smooth, brutal and unforgiving. Check it out below.

Definitely not your daddy's medieval game, eh? I remember Conqueror A.D. 1086 introducing gamers to some bloody first-person medieval action and it marked a turning point of having high-end strategy game elements fused with intense first-person sword and shield action. It looks like FatShark is taking that concept to the next level with War of the Roses while still maintaining that same bloody edge that made Conqueror A.D. such a hardcore game.

Multiplay will also be contributing to the game with the multiplayer design. Gordon Van Dyke, Senior Producer at Paradox Interactive commented in the press release, saying...
“Much like Paradox, Multiplay is a company that’s community driven and is dedicated to its loyal fan base, I jumped immediately at the chance to collaborate with them again,” ... “They are experts in online PC gaming and their feedback during these early stages of development has proven to be invaluable, we couldn’t have picked a better partner to help us fine tune the online experience for War of the Roses.”

You can learn more about War of the Roses, which is due out this fall, by visiting the Official Website.

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