There's so much anticipation in the gaming community surrounding the upcoming Kickstarter projects, mainly because gamers are curious what the projects will be like after putting their own hard earned money into the pockets of developers to make said games. Well, the first gameplay footage of crowd-funded indie title Wasteland 2 has surfaced and it looks passably good.

The original screenshot for the game gave off a very clear and distinctive impression of what gamers could expect, visually, from inXile Entertainment's upcoming turn-based RPG. Thankfully, there was a lot of amicability among gamers who were keen on giving great feedback for the screenshot.

Today, the video footage kind of hovers around the same images of the screenshot save for the fact that it moves, zooms in, zooms out and well, hovers around the same images of the screenshot. It gives you a brief idea of how zoomed in you can get to the action and how zoomed out you can be from the action as well. It's early test footage so I'm not complaining. Check it out for yourself.

Giant scorpion in the back, a rundown gas station and a lot of desert wasteland. Nice.

The animations for the characters look slick, and the detail in the atmosphere and weapons are good enough.

It's hard to lay anything more on the game at this stage in development and so far I imagine inXile is just looking for general feedback on whether they're on the right path or not. So far, I'd say yeah, they're on the right path. What do you think?

You can lay some feedback on inXile or learn more about the game by visiting the Official Wasteland 2 Website.

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