Fists Of Fu Announced: Closed Beta Starting Soon

OutSpark's latest MMO endeavor goes a little bit East with Fists of Fu, the platform-action MMO that sees players laying the smackdown, kung-fu style. The game features anime-inspired visuals, arcade-style combat and multiplayer questing and PvP.

The game sees players taking on one of six roles in the comedic, action-fighting game with kung-fu and large brawls involving skill-induced fisticuffs making up for most of the gameplay.

While information is still limited, for the time being, what has been revealed is that the game allows for single or multiplayer questing (as it should given that it’s an MMO) and will feature gang-fighting with specialty modes involving 4-on-4 bouts.

Based on the descriptions and teaser debut trailer the game looks like a platform-oriented version of Rumble Fighters. Anyway, you can register for the closed beta or check out the new video for the game by heading over to the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.