The simultaneous turn-based strategy game, Fray, is getting a makeover and some rebalancing with a brand new re-release called Fray: Reloaded. The new version sports better RAM optimization as well as a few other goodies, such as an ELO scoring system.

Brain Candy sent out word that Fray is currently available on Steam in its re-released form, containing a number of fixes and an almighty new system for rage quitters. That's right, rage quitters will be punished like the noobs that they are...and we all know who they are. They need to also wear the bag of shame...that would teach them a lesson.

You can check out Fray: Reloaded in action below.

Brain Candy's simultaneous turn-based strategy game offers up the next step in the evolution of turn-based strategy games, a genre that has been ignored up until the recently released Firaxis game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

I'm glad Brain Candy took a risk on one of the popular genres from back in the 1990s. If you'd like to take a risk and try your hand at a game where nothing is guaranteed and you have to use your soldier skills and class abilities sparingly and strategically, feel free to check out Fray: Reloaded right now on Steam. You can also view a list of Reloaded's features below or visit the Official Website for more info.

Fray Reloaded Features:
* Solo training maps
* Redesigned user interface
* Improved graphics and SFX
* Weapons and class rebalancing
* Leader board with ELO scoring system
* More game creation options
* All rage quitters must from now on report to their respective mega-corporation heads to be immediately reprimanded!

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