It’s really sad reading about 2K Games’ decision to turn the beloved X-Com into just another shooter. Still, if you’re an old-school fan of gaming and you really enjoyed tactical turn-based titles like Jagged Alliance, Breach or X-Com: UFO Defense then you’ll probably enjoy the new screenshots released for the upcoming, turn-based tactical game, Fray.

It’s basically a new-generation of the aforementioned games, and it does something that many tactical turn-based fans have been waiting for: real-time cinematic actions. Players will basically control a handful of soldiers with unique abilities and skills and plot out their actions during a turn. At the end of the turn the entire round will play out in real-time, complete with explosions, gun-fire, and bodies dropping faster than criminal thugs in a Chinatown restaurant from a John Woo movie.

What’s more is that Fray introduces competitive multiplayer options as well, so players can go head-to-head with other human beings in a futuristic, neo-noir, 2098. The game seems to borrow art-styles from the recent Blacklight: Tango Down and the old-school turn-based game, Incubation. It looks snazzy, though.

You can check out the brand new screenshots for the upcoming game below, or pre-order it so you can jump right into the action when it launches in the fourth quarter of this year. For more info be sure to head on over to the Official Website.

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