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Nexon America has brought its action MMO Vindictus to Steam. You can download and play the game for no charge through the digital platform.

Vindictus might be an MMO but don't expect slow-paced combat with auto-attacks. Players manually dodge and attack enemies, so the combat feels like a full-fledged action game. In true beat 'em up fashion, you can pick items off the ground and use them to bash enemies' faces in. You can also context-sensitive executions, like throwing an enemy off a ledge.

While the game is free to play, Nexon makes its money off optional microtransactions through the in-game shop. Players can pay real-world currency for additional customization options for their characters. Convenience items, such as potions, can also be purchased in this manner.

In truth, this is a game that slipped past me when it finally launched. I did enjoy playing around with it at Comic Con a couple years back, though. It's one of those games that makes you realize that free-to-play games can offer experiences on par with traditional premium games.

Steam now has 31 F2P games available through their store. Other titles offered through Steam include DC Universe Online and APB Reloaded.

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