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Vanilla Live Games announced that the pseudo-sequel to BetandRace has gone live and gamers interested in a dynamic racing title with customizable vehicles might do well to check out Big City Racer.

According to the press release…
This unique Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game allows racing fans to test their mettle on numerous tracks in real-life metropolises such as Berlin, Vienna, Paris and London, while grabbing the wheel of some of the world’s most famous car brands such as VW, Ford and many more.

The game sports various gameplay modes, tons of tournaments, real-life prizes and contests. Gamers who don’t feel like laying down cash for Test Drive Unlimited 2 or Need for Speed World can check out the free-to-play Big City Racer. Heck, it definitely looks better than EA’s Ray City Online.

To start downloading the client or to learn a little more about the game, be sure to visit the Official Website.

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